Assessment, Evaluation, and  Go Forward Planning

Owning a surgical center presents many practices with an outstanding opportunity to expand their businesses and create new revenue streams. But successfully launching a center requires a formidable investment in facilities, staff, and equipment, as well as intensive administrative, legal, and management demands. Advance planning and detailed analysis are essential.

Regardless of your current stage in the life cycle of surgical center ownership and management, from considering whether owning a surgical center is right for you to refining the operations of your current center for better performance and profitability, CPC has the expertise to help you navigate:

  • Regulatory issues
  • OSHA standards
  • Quality assurance
  • Personnel selection and management
  • Equipment selection and acquisition
  • Review of current staffing, operations, productivity, and expenses
  • Review of compliance risk and potential lost revenue
  • Review of services rendered for five surgical encounters
  • Setup and negotiation of contracts with insurance and managed care payers
  • Revenue capture, billing, and coding assessments

The endpoint of an CPC Surgical Center Assessment and Evaluation is a detailed written analysis, presented in a three-hour, on-site review of results and mini training session.  The report will serve as the foundation of your strategic action plan for launching a successful new center or optimizing the performance of your existing center.