Assessment, Evaluation, and  Go Forward Planning

The modern medical office has become an extraordinarily complex operation. To succeed, you need to understand and manage numerous variables—including many that are internal and within the scope of management’s ability to optimize, but also many others that are external and beyond management’s control.

To manage those elements that are in your control and make adjustments for those that are not, you first need a complete, well organized, and thoroughly analyzed collection of information about current operations—a “state of the practice,” if you will.

An exhaustive practice assessment and evaluation from CPC gives you this knowledge base. It becomes the foundation of a strategic action plan to capitalize on strengths, correct weaknesses, harness opportunities, and maximize efficiencies. The result is a fine-tuned organization with all elements working in harmony to enhance growth and profitability.

The CPC practice evaluation process includes:

  • Review of staffing, operations, expenses, and productivity
  • Review of services rendered to patients for 15–20 patient encounters
  • A usage assessment of ICD 10 and CPT codes and modifiers
  • Evaluation of chart documentation for E & M (evaluation and management) services and charge capture materials and process
  • Strategic planning