Leslie A. Hack, MBA

Leslie Hack, MBA,  has provided principal leadership in the company’s growth and specializes in financial, business advisory, and practice management. Prior to joining Comprehensive Physician Consulting, Leslie had over ten years of management experience in surgical settings. Her experience in the human resources aspects of effective management of medical organizations, positions her with critical expertize in healthcare management at all levels – from the operating room to the back office.

Leslie specializes in providing structured processes to the small to medium sized physicians groups, showing why and how accurate documentation matters, while also providing onsite staffing analysis and workflow evaluation: including efficiencies for physicians and medical staff. With her expertise, Leslie has the advantage of understanding physicians are busy.

Physicians groups gain an efficient process for decision-making: strategic and financial analysis, financial management best-practices and internal controls for medical groups.

As Consultant, Leslie oversees the CPC team in providing comprehensive management to existing practices and to new practice start-ups, with services including:

  • Leslie2_6_6_14Operations Management
  • Human Resources Administration
  • Physician Credentialing
  • Consulting and Analysis
  • Expansion and Relocation
  • Billing, Claims Filing and Collections
  • Fee Schedule Analysis and Development
  • Assistance with Space Location
  • Marketing and Outreach

Physicians groups benefit from Leslie Hack and the
CPC team with improved office efficiencies,
increased patient volume, controlled expenses, increased
productivity, and maximized revenue through their
strategic planning.