Physicians’ Practice Management Solutions:
Define your Vision, Affirm your Values, Communicate your Message

Just as your patients need the right treatment plans to manage their health and wellness or recovery from illness, your practice will benefit from customized physicians practice management solutions, ensuring the health of your practice.

In healthcare, the stakes are higher than ever, with factors like declining reimbursements, increasing overhead and intensified competition making it critical for you to maximize efficiency and performance in every operational area. To ensure your continued financial strength during these changing times, CPC offers strategic planning with an individualized roadmap to your success with short and longterm strategic plans, protecting and growing what you have earned.

CPC offers custom fit physician practice management solutions, taking om whatever level of management and offers a per project selection of services to support your current management solution to fully outsourced, comprehensive management solutions.

Our complete range of physicians practice management and marketing solutions include:

  • Financial management—budgeting, metrics, reporting, and tax optimization
  • Physician, staff, and facility performance metrics
  • Coding, billing, and collection operations
  • Purchasing and inventory control for clinical equipment, supplies, and services
  • Human resources management, including recruiting, training, supervision, and benefits
  • Clinical services management, including assessment and development of patient flow processes and process improvement
  • Wealth management, including financial, succession, and estate plans; investment advisory services; practice valuation; and asset valuation and protection
  • Marketing – event planning, direct mail, professional brand identity development, website design and content development