Surgical Center Management Solutions

Just as your patients need the right treatment plan to manage their recovery from illness, your surgical center needs a hands-on, customized management approach to ensure its health as a business. With surgical centers, the stakes are higher than ever, with factors like declining reimbursements, regulatory mandates, increasing overhead, intensifying competition—all of which make it critical to maximize efficiency and performance in every operational area.

CPC can custom-fit a surgical center management solution to your current and evolving needs, taking on whatever level of management involvement fits your preferences—from an à la carte selection of services to support your current management, to a fully outsourced, comprehensive management solution.

Our complete range of management services includes:

  • Strategic planning assistance
  • Developing operating budgets and fee schedules
  • Negotiating reimbursement rates
  • Performance Improvement/Quality Assurance education, training, and committee leader training