Branding and Office Assessment Packages

At Comprehensive Physician Consulting we have partnered with industry experts to provide physicians with “easy to make” branding packages that quickly elevate your practice, establish a positive image and build a more solid reputation.


Branding / Office Assessment

What does your office say to a patient when they walk in? Is it modern and updated? Does the patient think you are a “state of the art” medical practice? Does the patient understand they are in your office, meaning do they identify with your logo, your colors? Is it obvious where they should check in?

Does your office look good enough to attract staff? In a competitive marketplace, not only should you offer a modern, functional environment for your patients, but you should also consider “break away” space like breakrooms and collaborative areas.

What are consumers’ current perceptions of your brand, your competitors and the category as a whole? Comprehensive Physician Consulting brand assessment includes:

  • Logo visual design elements (logo, color, typography, images, tagline, packaging, etc.) and distinctive product features (quality, design sensibility, personality, etc.)
  • Initial evaluation of overall branding – presence of logo and imaging in materials, people and environment, consistency throughout patient experience, team understanding of branding / brand promise
  • Initial Key Elements Strategy evaluation – does branding meet goals, vision and reach target audience

First impressions about your medical practice are made at the moment the patient and their guest walk into your reception area. We will evaluate and make recommendation on the following:

  • Interior walls, windows and flooring to determine if it is updated for high traffic, and privacy where needed; and coordinated to your brand identity
  • Patient flow: waiting areas i.e., seating that is with antibacterial material, cleanable chair frames, wide seating, sturdy arms and backs
  • Strategically placed logo signs and directional signage as required


Brand / Office Assessment and Branding Strategy

Includes all the evaluation elements of the Standard Package plus:

  • Target audience / market analysis
  • In-depth review of existing marketing efforts including print and digital marketing efforts
  • In-depth review of patient and community communications
  • In-depth review of vision / goals
  • In-depth review of team’s branding perceptions and expectations
  • In-depth review of all seating materials, the flooring, the walls, the art. Any place that the patient and staff see your space.
  • Initial competitor analysis
  • Strategic marketing recommendations


Brand / Office Assessment and Branding Strategy Implementation

Includes all the evaluation and analysis elements of the Standard and Intermediate Packages plus the following items if warranted based on the research:

  • Updated logo and / or new logo
  • Updated tag line and messaging
  • In-depth website and digital marketing review / plan and implementation
  • Brand promise messaging based on team research and target market analysis
  • Strategic marketing and communications plan and implementation
  • New branding roll-out to include patient and physician referral messaging, all printed materials, staff attire, internal and external signage and other environment opportunities
  • Patient experience / team building training to support the new branding and messaging
  • All new office should look similar in keeping with Office Standards
  • Recommendations for seating, flooring, signage, overall look of the office


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