Outsourced Billing

At CPC, our billing and coding experts function as a seamless extension of your team. They’re focused on maximizing your cash flow—giving you the assurance of consistent, accurate processing using state of the art billing software and hardware. All medical billers are cross-trained, industry professionals who able to answer all patient phone calls as well as work accounts of any specialty including but not limited to family medicine, orthopedics, neurology, sports medicine, podiatry, gastroenterology, OB/Gyn, cardiology, Otorhinolaryngology (ENT), pulmonology, etc. Our certified medical billing coders are proficient in the latest needs for coding, appealing and clean claims. Along with proper coding, accurate documentation is vital to your success.

We do not use offshore billing partners because offshore billing companies typically do not train their staff with the understanding of medical billing as this is time consuming and expensive. Without the proper training, foreign billers often do not grasp the big picture of what they are doing and why resulting in a very high rate of errors with a significant amount of write offs.

Our team customizes your billing by working with your EMR/EHR or you can work with our billing software. Our software system supports a nearly 100% success rate on first attempt clearinghouse claims (HCFA/UB/WC/NF). Claims are tracked in real-time. We can edit/resubmit denied claims and handle EOB reconciliations via ERAs.

As members of AAPC, our professional medical billers are up-to-date on proper coding and the insurance online portals such as Navinet, Availity, Pear Portal, UHC Provider Portal, Medicare and Medicaid. You are assured customized service with claims processing using your Electronic Superbills through EHR integration or a custom Superbill for each practice and each doctor.

We submit claims to Medicare, Medicaid, No-Fault/Personal Injury, Workers Compensation and all commercial carriers. Claims are submitted either electronically or by paper depending on the carrier to primary, secondary and tertiary insurers. We follow-up with your secondary insurance companies – something so many billing companies will not do!

CPC Medical Outsourced Billing Services:

  • 30/60 Patient Statements
  • Final letter/phone call/collections
  • Designated CPC Account Representative to Manage Patient & Payer Billing Calls
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Appeals Response Team to Maximize Captured Revenue
  • Claims / Chart Analysis
  • Coding Error Reduction
  • Current documentation Evaluation
  • Daily Charge E
  • Daily Claims Submission
  • Deficiency Analysis
  • Education including Coding updates
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Monthly Meetings via Zoom or Microsoft Teams
  • Payment Processing
  • Verifying ICD-10 Coding to ensure clean claims
  • Customizable reports for client needs
  • Monthly Patient Balance with Statement spreadsheet including review with client

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