December is the Perfect Time to Assess Your Branding Strategy

Coding & Compliance

It is the end of another volatile year. Did you have some sort of branding strategy that you followed? Has your Practice performed to your expectations given the hurdles you have had to overcome? Did you implement an effective patient communications strategy? Were you able to maintain staffing levels to meet demand? Did your said branding strategy help elevate your practice reputation?

Now is the perfect time to assess your branding strategy from the past year.

Ask yourself (or gather a small group of team members for brainstorming of) these ten questions to assess this year’s efforts and begin planning for 2022.

  1. What were our goals for 2021 and did we reach them?
  2. What (truly) is our Practice’s current market position? Are we first, fifth, tenth?
  3. What is the current position of our brand in the minds of our consumers / community?
  4. How do our staff members talk, act and think about our Brand? And about the patients they treat?
  5. What is our patient’s perception of our brand?
  6. What are referral sources’ perception of our brand?
  7. Would our brand pass the “first impression” test? Office assessment?
  8. Who were our competitors?
  9. Did we offer something different or more outstanding than our competition this past year?
  10. What did we offer that made our patients want to return, refer and offer positive reviews? What did we offer that was not worth the effort or expense?

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