Article by CPC’s Leslie Hack Published by PAHCOM

Our own Leslie Hack was recently published in the PAHCOM online Journal. Her article Now is Not the Time to Slow Down Communicating with Patients looks to dispel common digital marketing myths to strengthen patient engagement…

The COVID-19 pandemic will leave a lasting mark on society and how we live our lives. Today, modern technology is helping us deal with the pandemic’s consequences – and attempt to maintain a sense of normalcy – in ways that were not possible 25 years ago. Staying focused on your strategic marketing plan and incorporating the unique opportunities the pandemic has created for patient engagement are sure ways to accelerate your post-COVID-19 recovery.

Throughout the trying times of the past 11 months, the internet and online communications helped make every facet of our lives better. From social networks and video chats to cloud solutions and productivity tools, online products and services help people stay connected, get the support they need, and conduct innovative health research – all while staying home.